New changes in F Gas Leak from January 2017



Mandatory documented leak checks apply to air conditioning and refrigeration equipment based on according to how much damage could be caused to the atmosphere if the whole charge were released.  The frequency of the test inspections is based on the GWP of the refrigerant multiplied by the estimated volume contained in each individual system – this gives the CO2e figure. If the system contains between:

  • 5 and 50 tonnes CO2e it requires one inspection per year.
  • 50 to 500 tonnes CO2e require inspection every six months.
  • Greater than 500 tonnes CO2e require quarterly inspections.

The leak checking frequency can be halved if permanent leak detection systems are fitted. Permanent leak detection systems are mandatory for system charges of 500 tonnes CO2 equivalent and above.


Due to the new laws some clients may ask for the Carbon loading of an air conditioning or refrigeration system, especially if they are ISO14001 accredited EDS can now calculate all this information for you within one of there maintenance packages this must be requested prior service is taken place.