Maintenance & Repair

At EDS Air Conditioning, we recommend that every unit is serviced annually. It is a proven fact that without regular maintenance, a unit loses about 5% of its original efficiency, each year of use.


 Don’t worry if we didn’t install your system. Our team are fully trained and can undertake work on all models.


Having the service and maintenance carried out ensures that your systems are still energy efficient and comply with the latest F-Gas regulations. In order to make sure your system is working at its max performance, the coils, ventilation and air conditioning filters are cleaned or replaced. Our expert technicians carry out these thorough checks to make sure everything is working as it should be and help prolong the lifespan of your system.

Benefits of our preventative maintenance plan:



  • Energy efficient systems & maximised performance
  • Healthy air & environment
  • Easy, hassle free process
  • Extended equipment life cycle
  • Compliance with EC Regulations
  • Discounted replacement spare parts

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New changes in 'F Gas Leak' from January 2017

Due to the new laws, some clients may ask for the Carbon loading of an air conditioning or refrigeration system, especially if they are ISO14001 accredited. EDS can now calculate all this information for you during one of our maintenance packages. This must be requested prior service is taken place.